About Glass Club Lake

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    Club History

    In May of 1933, Thomas Bain of Texarkana signed over the water rights to a flowing spring to the newly incorporated Glass Club Lake. The agreement “extended privileges to any stockholder to beautify and make said spring more attractive, to care for and do such improvements as necessary”. The Glass Club Springs were enclosed by a large semicircular stone wall and reportedly still in use piping fresh water to nearby cabins as late as 1977. Several other springs feed Glass Club Lake on the south and southwest sides.


    "The Club"

    The Club was established in 1933 as a Texas Corporation;it consists of no more than 100 shareholders, each of which own one share in the entire property. There are 80 home sites around the lake and provisions for 20 club members to have lake use only privileges. By purchasing a share of stock or a home with a share of stock; the shareholder gains an equal interest in all the lands and lake through this stock ownership. The lake community is managed by the Glass Club Lake Board of Directors elected by the shareholders at the clubs annual meeting.


    Club Amenities

    Pictured is Sunrise on Glass Club Lake, what more could one ask for...the club also features a Members Clubhouse for meetings and activities, a small recreation & gym building, boat ramp and walking/ATV trails all in a completly fenced and gated community. Additionally there are a number of members that get involved with a variety of events and activities including a "Community Garden", cooking, gaminging and wildlife groups, as well as members that gather to enjoy outings to local places of interest.


    Club Managment

    The club is managed by a Board of Directors, which are elected by the shareholders at the club's annual meeting. Four directors are elected each year to replace those comming off of their term on the board, the directors serve three year terms and have the responsibility to manage the intrests of the shareholders, and work to maintain compliance with the applicable state and federal laws.
    In addition to this numerous members get involved with the decision making process by being active in a variety of committees that assist the Board of Directors.